Blessed are the meek, for they shall have a great selection of plant material

We’re blessed in this city to have such a plethora of local shops willing to feed our garden fever. In our east-end neighbourhood alone, there are half a dozen within walking distance. Here are some of my favourites.

The little one above, f’rinstance. My kids have grown up spending their not-so-hard-earned allowance on sour gummies at The Piazza (now called Mimi’s, but the old name persists) on Danforth Avenue – while Sarah & I have been known to lay out cash from time to time on plants. It’s hard to resist a display like this. (I’m starting to understand why people like the cameras in their cellphones.)

Further to the east, there’s the Prince of Wales, always overflowing with choices all through planting season. It’s like a mini garden centre. Across the street from it, Natural Florists adds multiple racks of potted options to the indoor cut flowers.

South on Coxwell at upper Gerrard is Green Mountain, one of my favourite local sources, run by the Pong family who really take care of their greenery. There’s always a good buy or an interesting specimen tucked in amongst the selection here. I’ve found some huge hostas for great prices there, for example. Planting something extra-large adds an instant established quality to a garden.

When it comes to putting things in the ground, fall is just as good as spring for perennials. Why not see what your local guys have to offer.

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