Lessons from English gardens 3

What a simple idea for preventing your monkshood from toppling: large open baskets composed of twigs and string.

Rather than the unsightly stake, or the rigid rings, create something organic that almost disappears in the foliage.┬áThis one works, regardless of your continent or zone. It’s a keeper.


  1. This is really a great idea to use.
    Peony rings and other common garden holding-upping-structures are so ugly in themselves, and these masterfully placed twigs just blend in.

    Besides, even when you do notice them, they’re attractive, and they are natural, like the plant. Plus with a peony ring and even the more easy to use contraptions, you are supposed to install them before you even need them, because by the time you need them, it’s too late. So you are stuck looking at the hideous bright green things for weeks while your peonies, or whatever other floppy thing you have, catches up.
    This is a skill I definitely want to master. I’m sure the tying up gets easier the more you do it.

    Only problem I can see is, a.) gathering the twigs in the first place, and b.) having to find a handy out-of-the-way storage space to keep all those twigs for when you need them. The garden magic wand would, of course, also come in handy for that. :^)

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