Growing in the wrong place

Everybody has one of these. Not a Nectaroscordum, though I wish. No, I mean a plant growing in exactly the wrong spot. Too close to something, too far away to be seen.

Or, in the case of this pretty cousin of the Alliums, too buried under an ‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea … and mired in too impenetrable a mesh of maple roots to be moved.

Sarah suggested that what gardeners really need is a wand. Imagine having one.

Passing by someone’s garden and notice the leaves of that lovely Japanese maple are about to get shredded every day, because the tree is too close to the walkway? Poof! Moved.

Didn’t take into account how big that hosta would grow? Poof! Solved.

Irises or peonies planted too deep? Tulips or bleeding heart or poppies frizzling their foliage after blooming a little too out in the open? Poof, poof and poof!

When they invent one, please wake me up. For now, I am nodding like my Nectaroscordum. Good night.

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