Angelique, or the Wandering Tulip

Tulipa ‘Angelique’ is a beauty – one of the first “peony-flowered” varieties on the market. I planted half a dozen of them in my garden a few years ago from bulbs purchased through the Beach Garden Society. And this one is really plumped-up and gorgeous.

Trouble is, this one isn’t in my garden anymore. It’s two doors over in Sarah’s garden. Planted – right under (that’s right under) her burning bush – by squirrels.

Those little critters don’t just bury nuts and berries, by gum by gum. It appears that they also transplant tulips.

In fact, another of my precious Angeliques is growing beautifully in an equally odd spot at the very far end of our street, more than 30 numbers down, all by its lonesome.

I must learn to think of my tiny garden as having an elastic boundary. Or to think of squirrels as garden help. They’ve proven they can do deadheading (or, sadly more à propos, live-heading).

If only I could convince them to do weeding.

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  1. Hi Helen,
    You are so right about the squirrels. I have a lovely display of yellow tulips that I did not plant and are a dead match of the tulips growing in my neighbour’s garden.
    I enjoy you and your sister’s blogspot as it fills me with the hope in that I can return to gardening someday soon. Cheers.
    Carole Smith

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