Two, two, two months in one!

Talk about time travel. Yesterday while walking around the city, I moved from April to May in a single day.

In the morning, I was strolling along in mid-April at the edge of the Bluffs, and arrested by a blanket of blue coming up in one garden.

ScillasScilla siberica, bluebells, even the rather nasty-sounding “squills.” Whatever name you give them, I love them.

Gimme scillas, (that’s what I want), lots of scillas (that’s what I want). I wanna be blue (that’s what I want), yeah, scillas…

Sorry. Carried away.

One of these days, perhaps, my dry patch of grass will be overrun with blue like this – or like that lawn downtown where Rosedale Valley Road meets Park Road. I can dream in Technicolor, as long as it involves a wave of blue.

That afternoon, in Riverdale, it suddenly became mid-May. And I was stunned to see the magnolia above in full regalia. Wow. Although my hands were full, I had to stop and juggle for a few one-handed pictures.

So, enjoy each and every spring flower as it appears this year. Pay it due homage. Live in the present. It may be past before you notice.

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