Crimes against Nature

CrimesSarah launched our blog way back in Ought-Six with a wonderful rant about leaves. It remains true that not everyone has our passion for dead leaves. Every spring, Canadians… urban Canadians… continue to spend a great deal of time and energy raking up leaves and giving them away.

Then they go to the garden centre to lay down hard-earned cash buying mulch… and come home to devote more time and energy spreading it around.

They must have run out of ways to spend money. Let alone time and energy.

To me, that’s not only a crime, it’s a crime against nature, and what nature does, well, naturally. Which is create a “store” called Dead Leaves R Mulch. That’s what’s nourishing the roots on every forest floor. And doing a great job of it.

So, that’s where I “shop” – not only saving bucks by leaving my leaves in place, but saving my time and energy for gently fluffing them up in spring. And buying plants.

Or perhaps on making a refreshing G-and-T to enjoy while walking around the garden. With a well-mulched sprig of mint. Ahhhhh.

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  1. I so agree with thee on this topic. Worst are the added crimes of noisy gas guzzling BLOWERS! Horrid machines that have displaced jobless rakes. It is all such bizarre behavior. Carol

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