Tag-team rosemary: one-quarter turn deserves another

Sarah & I often do things as a team. Like this lovely rosemary here. I bought it. Sarah rescued it by transplanting to a larger pot. I ignored it. Sarah made sure it got a bit of water over the summer. I left it outside in the fall. Sarah brought it in before the frost hit, and found the bright, cool spot that rosemary needs to overwinter indoors.

You see the pattern, I’m sure.

One thing I’m good at, though, is remembering to turn the pot.

Plants grown indoors in low light situations tend to lean longingly towards the window. They become lopsided; flat and bushy on one side, long and scrawny on the other. A periodic one-quarter rotation of the pot gives the sunlight a chance to hit all sides of the plant, so it can grow up straighter.

Tag-team, see? Each of us does what we do well. And both of us enjoyed the rosemary all year round. This year, at least.

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  1. Yes, I know, while my over-wintered plants tend to mostly make it through the winter, they do tend to be remarkably lop-sided. They are all smashed up against the glass like the ones you see in dry cleaners windows.

    I do try to turn them, (only the few that actually have space around them) when I remember, but I only remember…well, I hardly ever remember, truth is.

    I do admire Helen’s symettrically shaped plants. And I’m very impressed with the Rosemary this year. Hmm, rosemary recipes…

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