Canada Blooms Does the Rare Canadian Gerbera

True to form, Canada Blooms continues it’s fantasy-land MO, by using Gerberas as its flower motif this year: a flower that never EVER blooms in Canada during ANY season, except in flowerpots. And they are not even that long lasting in flowerpots. I love them, but in CANADA, re: BLOOMing – they are a fantasy.

Designers love them, they’re purty to put in promotional materials. I know, I’m a designer, and I’ve done it myself.

Oh, Canada Blooms, you are bad, very bad, but I just can’t quit you.

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  1. Yes, the South African daisy. The name says it all, right?

    Actually, our neighbour S. had a beautiful gerbera blooming in her front planter all summer last year. Did you notice? On closer inspection, however, I realized it was a very realistic looking *silk* version. That’s one way to do the light fantastic, eh?

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