Winter desk accessories

What’s on your desk? Computer? Check. Hi-lighters? Check. Fresh flowers? Ummmmmm.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. But why wait for cupid, stoopid! Get yourself some flowers! Every day can be Valentine’s Day with something petally at your side.

Roses are rosy, but most of the ones you can buy at your local corner shop lack something. Fragrance. To treat yourself even more, why not treat your nose to something that smells as good as it looks. Hyacinths. Freesia. Oriental lilies (though they can smell a bit funereal). Some (not all) carnations.

Happy V-Day!

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  1. I love the idea of flowers as a desk accessory. A few years ago, when I redecorated my study,turning it from a dreary "computer room" used by my now college aged son to a place where I could work on my laptop, the finishing touch was a weekly bouquet of flowers on the desk next to the work space. I've fallen out of that habit but your post reminds me I should resurrect it!

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