I am proud mother of triplets

Look at that Amaryllis (Hippeastrum), a gem called ‘Charisma’ – the gift of my dear sister. I was a little skeptical when I saw the static looking picture on the tag. It didn’t seem to match the name. But, wow, in real life, this is clearly a charmer.

The bulb itself looked on the petite side for an amaryllis. Some are the size of ostrich eggs (maybe unsurprising, given their ostrichlike stems). Shortly after potting in the new year, though, it began to bud. And there were two of them. Twins! Each looking long and ostrichy in that amaryllis sort of way.

On Valentine’s Day, the buds on the first scape began to crack open. Slowly, my twins came into lusty bloom, four big blooms to a stem, that’s eight if you’re counting, with each one about five inches across.

Sarah would have the right name for the colour. Carmine? Every petal has a picotee edge, with striping on the top three petals, and on the bottom three dots that blend to white, all against a deeper coloured throat and white stamens.

I have been falling more deeply in love with this baby by the day, and it has already been a full two-week love affair with no sign of letting up soon. You gotta adore the sheer enthusiasm of an amaryllis in full sail.

But, soft, what light on yonder china cabinet breaks? What did I notice this morning peeping out between the strappy leaves and stem bases emerging from the bulb… but another scape. It’s triplets! This girl just doesn’t give up.

I don’t know how the growers do it. Sarah thinks that perhaps they prepare them in open fields. Food and hormones have to have something to do with it.

I won’t question their witchery. I’ll just try to take all the here-and-now moments I need to enjoy the wonder of motherhood.

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