Nose Candy. No, not that kind.

What is there to inspire the gardener in the sterile outdoor environment that is winter?

IciclesI remembered yesterday, when Sarah brought over a sprig of my favourite of all scented geraniums, Pelargonium ‘Rober’s Lemon Rose’. I put it to my nose and inhaled one long, deep breath. Ahhhhhhh. That’s what “smell” smells like! (The covergirl image is of another favourite scented geranium, P. ‘Mrs. Taylor’.)

Silly girl. Why don’t I have a pot of this sitting in a window? It’s just the thing to have handy when the almost-February blues has you pining for spring.

Then I remembered the rosemary that against all odds is surviving (thriving on neglect) in the cool of my front room. Rosemary! Rosemary for remembrance – of what “smell” smells like. Also great with chicken or baked sweet potato fries. Yum.

It’s all nose candy. Not that white powdery stuff. No, it’s nose candy; like eye candy for the nose. Wintertime needs a steady diet of it. Yes, bring on the hyacinths!

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  1. Yes, everyone should have a Rober’s Lemon Rose. I’ll take a cutting for you. And I also prescribe to all who yearn for smells, a pot of Lemon Verbena, and a pot of Mint. Between these 3 there’s plenty of good nose rushes till the hyacinths can elbow them out. The only way to get through February.

    That Flicker slide show is pretty cool, btw!

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