The coming thaw

Spring will be springing briefly next week in January, when temps are predicted to rise to the +10-degree range.

Apparently, only a couple of Toronto’s winters over the past 157 years have failed to have a January thaw.

MorningGloryFenceWhat an opportunity to get out there and tidy up the straggly tails of the morning glories that have expired on my fence. If I’m smart, I’ll try to harvest the seed pods before disturbing the vines, so that they don’t deposit the mixed blessings of morning glory seeds all over the garden. Anyone want some?

Every year I try to spread the contagion, but the morning glories seem to prefer my warm, dry, sandy soil to any place else. In fact, I get the feeling they migrate from gardens all over the city to nest in mine. Will 2008 be the year I finally accept my fate and submit to a nothing but morning-glorious garden?

Hmmmm. Wanting them to take over might be a sure way to ensure that they don’t…

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