My first tomato of 2007

I am growing tomatoes this year, after many years of no vegetables.

I had a community garden plot in 2001 which was very successful. Tomatoes galore. Luckily, I was working close by to the plot, and could get out to it in my lunch hour. I’d come back from lunch with bunches of sweet peas, marigolds and tomatoes.

Then in 2002 we had a horrible drought. My tomatoes barely croaked through. I was working far away in a new building, so I couldn’t get to the plot and tend it. It was disappointing. The hard clay at the community garden was baked solid and weeds were impossible to dig out. So I let the plot go.

The summer of 2003, I decided all my extra-curricular gardening would be at my place in the country. My tenant had moved out, and it was time to resuscitate the garden.

And I didn’t try for vegetables again till now. My garden in Toronto is impossible for tomatoes. I can barely grow groundcovers. You know, the beach sand and the Norway maple roots. I’ve complained about it all before.

But my alleyway comes to the rescue. I have a potscape in the sunny area between the houses. Usually I try to grow cosmos and other things I can bring in as cut flowers, but this year I dedicated one large pot to a tomato plant. Another tomato is on my deck. And another is taking its chances out in the country at my schoolhouse garden, stuck in the middle of a flower bed.

I figure no matter where I am this summer I’m sure to be around when at least one plant has something edible on it.

I started these ones from seed in the spring, under fluorescent lights. 3 plants. Being conservative. ‘Gardener’s Delight’ is the name. They are a small variety. Heirloom. Bigger than cherry tomatoes, but smaller than most varieties.

Today I ate my first three tomatoes from my alleyway plant. They could have used a few more days of growing, and ripening, but they were almost perfect. And I got them before the raccoons and squirrels did.

Mmmmm. I don’t imagine I’ll let another year go by without some tomatoes growing.

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