It’s hard to blog when you are consumed by other passions. Looking at the garden. Looking at other people’s gardens. Taking pictures of the garden. Taking more pictures of the garden – and of other people’s gardens. Occasionally weeding and deadheading. Watering the pots, perhaps too late. Taking more pictures. Reviewing the pictures.

You see the trend here.

Cuz there’s lots going on in the garden in June. This is when the showiest of the show-stoppers have their day. Peonies. Alliums. Irises. Poppies. Roses. The big-flowered clematis. Lilies at the end of the month. And me and my new camera are there to record every stamen and petal.

Next door, M. has a clump of blood-red poppies that catch the sunlight every morning and afternoon. Every day for their too-short lives, I look out the front door, say, “Oh! The poppies!” and run over with my Nikon D40. Now, I have a whole album of red poppies growing in iPhoto.

It was the same with my yellow tulip obsession a month ago. Yellow, lily-flowered ‘West Point’ tulips that danced to a different tune with the time of day. Sometimes wide open and starlike, sometimes closed and intricately clasped, they were living performance art. I couldn’t get enough of them.

Soon, the roses will pop. ‘New Dawn’ on my arbour; ‘William Morris’ on the obelisk. Timed to shine along with the ‘Summer Snow’ clematis, they will signal my garden at its peak. It will be all downhill from there, I’m afraid. But they’ll live on in pixilated colour on my desktop for me too moon over for months to come.

I’m a member of a great group on Flickr, coincidentally named Toronto Gardens (including many, many much better photos than mine). Click the link to have a look.

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