Thou shalt not covet, II

Ah, Magnolia stellata, the aptly named star magnolia! I like this early little bloomer even better than its May-flowering cousin, Magnolia x soulangeana. The loose petals have a nonchalance that that suits an informal garden like mine much better than the other’s more upright, tulipy-shaped blooms. The stellata is more compact, too, but still has that nice, elephant-grey bark.

Yes, star magnolia is one of the trees on my lust list. Fortunately, my neighbour M. has one that peeps over the undefined border of our shared front garden, letting me admire from a-near.

Despite the extra-cold snap this past February, the furry bud hoods have popped into an abundant load of (attractively fragrant) flowers.

The magnolia often overlaps the blooming period of my Amelanchier (Saskatoon or June berry) by about a week, so M. and I have two clouds of similar white in different textures in our joint front yards.

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  1. I find the later blooming Magnolia Soulangeana pink just a bit sad and dreary – a bit offputting. I love the name though. It’s fun to say. Magnolia Soulangeana…magnolia soulangeana…

    But when it comes to planting I would definitely plant the stellata. Gorgeous. Glad this is the one that is growing in M’s garden.
    – Sarah

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