Coxwell Avenue, I

Sarah & I started this blog because we were interested in real gardens by real people – not in adventures in hardscaping. Though, frankly, if either of us had a few hundred thou to spare for hardscaping, we wouldn’t quibble, Sybil. Hardscaping, of course, is the expensive part of the garden, usually requiring tonnes of stonework and well-muscled landscapers.

Hmmmm. Got distracted for a moment.

Anyway, most people usually make do. Sometimes, they buy plants in ones, not multiples, and see what happens. They get cuttings and divisions from neighbours. They use recycled concrete rather than imported limestone. Sometimes they have brilliant ideas. Sometimes they make ghastly mistakes.

They’re real people, in other words. And they own 99.9% of the gardens in Toronto.

That’s what Toronto Gardens, is all about: the gardens of Toronto, and how most Torontonians garden in them.

The city is full of uninspiring streets like Coxwell Avenue, near where my sister and I have our homes. The point of this set of images and blogettes is that you can find wonderful things anywhere if you stop and pay attention.

This beautiful double version of our native bloodroot (Sanguinaria flore pleno) was noticed today in the front yard of a very talented neighbour on Coxwell. It’s planted at the foot of a tall Amelanchier, just coming into bloom. The double form of the bloodroot is something I’ve only seen in books. Till today.

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