Wouterina de Raad’s Concrete Mosaic Sculpture Garden

I’m really going to let the pictures do most of the talking here. This garden was a revelation from the recent Minneapolis Garden Bloggers Fling (we hosted this event in Toronto in 2015). “Revelation” in many senses โ€“ it was surprising, moving, inspiring, and we all revelled in it!

My “If I had a Million Dollars” List now includes taking a course in concrete mosaic sculpture with Wouterina de Raad, aka Riana. I’d have to save a few bucks for shipping my creations back from Wisconsin. Or maybe I could just move in to one of her out buildings.


  1. Gorgeous photos and some things I missed! But that’s not surprising, given the size of that amazing garden. So great to see you again and congrats on your new position. P.S. Everything loaded right up!

    1. I love seeing everyone’s posts on the gardens we visit for the Fling. There’s always something that other eyes and cameras captured. Good to hear that the page loaded well, Diana. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Love your new design! That fish bench is fantastic! I tried mosaics many years ago and found I had zero talent or patience for it. I have lots of admiration for those who do.

    1. Thanks, Alison. That fish bench was really fun. Riana says that she always likes to have a story in mind when she does her sculptures. The eye of the fish was the moon, and this was a woman lying naked on the beach enjoying a Daiquiri! Sounds good to me in this hot, humid weather!

  3. Oh Helen…you know how much I loved this garden as I cried on your shoulder, overwhelmed with it’s creativity. (Bet you never had THAT happen before, did you?! Good grief.) As much as I loved the garden, I loved seeing you even more. Your new site design is fabulous–congratulations! Can’t wait to see you again at GWA! XOXO!

    1. I loved that about you, Julie, and barring the tears I felt the same way. Had to narrow down the pictures I wanted to post from a first cut of over 100! I’m not looking forward to the heat in Atlanta, but am really looking forward to meeting Michael Dirr and hanging out with sweet friends like you. Cheers!

  4. Love the new design and I love this garden. Of all the gardens at this year’s Fling, this is the one I wish I’d seen for myself. That would also mean I’d been wih you, my friend. Here’s to next year and DC, I hope.

    Website loaded up just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Veep, this garden was one wonderful surprise after another. I was Oh, oh, ohing! at every turn. I hope you do make it to DC. (And with our daughter just off to the UK, we might even make it over to your side of the pond sooner than expected. TBD.)

  5. I would have just loved this garden. Art and gardens, two of my passions. Lovely images, Helen. My cousin has a sculpture garden on her 26 acre woodland garden, and it is dreamy going there. So sorry I missed that trip.

    1. Donna, your cousin’s garden would be lovely to see. Is it open to the public? And in New York?

  6. I loved this garden and it revealed to me how much I miss doing mosaic work and that it’s time to get back to it! I even have a mosaic shed that stores all my supplies!

    So loved seeing you and wish I could visit you in Toronto!

    Great blog design, btw.

    1. Gail, I had no idea that you are a mosaic artist! Do you have your work posted on your blog? I must look. My door is always open to you if you ever come to Toronto, and, one day, I’ll make it to Tennessee. Cheers, and thanks!

  7. Excellent angles on the mosaics! Your views give me a new appreciation for each of these pieces. I didn’t even think to look at that last one in the way you’ve framed it so expertly. Nice new design for your blog, and everything loaded just fine. Miss you! The Fling was fun!

  8. I loved this garden so much! It’s full of spirit and humor. You got many good pictures of it, Helen. I haven’t even gone through mine yet!

    1. Everyone captures a garden like this with a different perspective. There was so much to see!

    1. Mary, Riana’s is an exceptional garden by any standard. Thanks to the Minneapolis Fling team for giving us the chance to see it.

  9. An excellent post about an extraordinary garden and gardener, whose garden was just one of her creative expressions. Her creativity and energy for sharing her passions around art and gardening – well, I’d sign up for a class with her in an instant, if I were nearby.

    Thanks for sharing your images from our visit! A perfect end to the 2016 Fling.

    1. It was a perfect ending, Lisa. I’ve filed away Riana’s instructions for sculpting and might even try to make something. Some day. In the meantime, I can admire hers. It was lovely spending time with you again in MN (and WI).

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